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​​"We are now living in the exact house that we have been dreaming about for years.  It is beautiful.  We would recommend Perryman & Wilson to build any home."  
​                                   Mike & Julia Sohns
                                  Gatesville, Texas


"I am very pleased with the home Perryman & Wilson built for me. The quality of the work is outstanding, above and beyond all expectations. I highly recommend them as a home builder."

                                    Rob Chalmers
                                    China Spring, Texas

   Quality and Performance

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Perryman & Wilson loves to hear from our customers that their homes are not only comfortable, but that they pay dividends (low electric bills, low maintenance).  Perryman & Wilson keeps a watchful eye on new technologies that we can recommend to make a home more energy efficient and pleasurable to live in.  We also like to get good grades from the experts who inspect our homes, and we constantly strive to do so.  From conversations with our peers, city inspectors and energy auditors to lessons picked up in continuing education courses, Perryman & Wilson takes advantage of opportunities to learn and grow as homebuilders in an effort to assure our customers get the best quality home that we can provide.  Below are the results of a recent energy audit from a Perryman & Wilson home.  
Though not every home performs the same, the following essentially tells us that we are doing more than is expected and that is what we aim to do.  Going beyond what is required, going beyond what is expected…this is what your builder should do for you!